About Ikap

Managing Director, Richard Plews, has over 20 years’ experience in the insurance industry.

The Ikap team have combined experience of over 80 years.


We are well respected in our market because of our unique, business-minded underwriting outlook; we help transactions complete, and business to continue without interference or delay - we assist business, never hinder it.

Professional Advice

When dealing with our clients we aim to provide impartial and independent solutions giving professional advice to an impeccable standard.


Ikap provides whole of market insurance advice. This means that we are not restricted in the range of products which we can provide. By having access to all life assurance providers and the syndicates of Lloyds of London, we are able to offer 'whole of market' advice which provides clients with the greatest possible choice of solutions and opportunities.


We aim to provide a consistent level of service based on working closely with clients over a number of years. We are dedicated to working with clients over the long term and are committed to knowing their needs and expectations.


Providing advice of the highest standard is core to our ethos. We are regularly assessed by an independent third party to ensure that advice is being provided in an accurate, transparent and compliant manner. All advisers and support teams are encouraged to continually undergo training and testing to ensure that their knowledge levels and competency are of the highest standard.

Insurers we work with